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RiCS, öffentlich bestellt und vereidigt, HypZert, Gutachter, Architekten, Ingenieure, Ökonomen


As engineers, geo computer scientists and economists we pursue an interdisciplinary approach with a comprehensive view.

We dispose of additional qualifications like the public appointment and swearing-in, we are Chartered Surveyors (RiCS) as well as certified appraisers for real estate investment and mortgage banks.

MATTHIAS HEIDE (Senior Appraiser, Managing Partner )
Officially Appointed and Sworn, MRiCS, HypZert F, Dipl.-Ing.
Tobias Erwig (Senior Appraiser)
Bachelor of Science in Management and Economics, Master of Arts in Real Estate Management, Real Estate Agent (IHK)
SASCHA ORLOWSKI (Senior Appraiser)
HypZert F, Master of Science Real Estate Appraisal , Bachelor of Engineering (Geodesy)
Tugrul Aksoy (Junior Appraiser)
Dipl.-Ing. in Construction Engineering
Robert Schmitz (Junior Appraiser)
Bachelor of Science in Human Geography
KENNETH PILNAY (Junior Appraiser)
Bachelor of Science in Geography
MARTIN ZAWISLA (Junior Appraiser)
Studying Bachelor of Engineering (Geodesy)
ANJA BUSCHMANN (Planning and Accounting)
Office Clerk
Database Administration, Development and Analysis.
NIKLAS PIDUHN (Working Student)
Studying Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, Data migration and support in setting up the DBMS.

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